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Microsoft’s Copilot+ PCs, New Surface Laptops and More Pre-Build 2024 Announcements
Before Microsoft’s Build 2024 developer conference kicked off today, the company made a number of initial announcements during a special hour-long keynote event on May 20th hosted at its Redmond...
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A Complete Guide for 2024
ChatGPT Fast Facts What is ChatGPT? A generative AI that can answer questions in natural-sounding language.Who developed ChatGPT? OpenAI, Inc.Pricing: ChatGPT is free. ChatGPT Plus costs $20/month. ChatGPT Teams, which...
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Next Flagship Model Is GPT-4o
OpenAI’s Spring Update on May 13 brought three major announcements from the AI company: A new flagship AI model called GPT-4o. A desktop ChatGPT app for macOS. ChatGPT users who...
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Learn how to Use AI for Your Business
TL;DR: Learn how consumer-facing AI tools can help your business in The 2024 Complete ChatGPT & Gemini AI Advanced E-Degree, now just $29.99. Use coupon code TRA20 to unlock an additional...
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AI Shaping The Future Of Financial Services: Use Cases & Applications
As Dan Schulman, the CEO of PayPal once said, “We’re not trying to reinvent the wheel; we’re trying to perfect it.” Achieving perfection is no easy process. It is not...
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Content Credentials is the Start
There is growing consensus on how to address the challenge of deepfakes in media and businesses, generated through technologies such as AI. Earlier this year, Google announced that it was...
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How Apple’s 2024 iPads Will Benefit Working Professionals
Business and creative professionals looking to purchase an iPad Air or iPad Pro should find a lot to like in the new 2024 models. Announced by Apple at its May...
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The Australian Government’s Manufacturing Objectives Rely on IT Capabilities
In recent weeks, the Australian government has announced several objectives and initiatives that are intended to drive towards a single outcome: a far more robust local manufacturing industry. For Australia...
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A Leader’s Blueprint for AI Success
“Leaders, embrace AI! Make it your superpower!” – Robert Barber, Leadership Development Trainer and Executive Coach. How Are Businesses Using AI? The verdict is crystal clear—leaders today must embrace AI to...
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