Dedicated Hosting

The ultimate power hosting

No limitations. You'll have the full system resources at your disposal.

Dedicated Hosting on Major

Preferred Cloud Providers

Choose your Dedicated hosting from the top IaaS providers for maximum performance,
high security, and constant availability.

Loaded with features you'll really dig.

Whether you’re an individual or an agency, you get to focus on your operations and revenue with our simple managed WordPress web hosting solution!


100% server control

No limitations. You'll have the full system resources at your disposal.


HDD or SDD hard drives

Choose a hard drive based on your site's needs: space (HDD) or speed (SDD).


Flexible controls

Get cPanel and WHM on Linux or Plesk and Webmatrix on Windows. Your choice.


DDoS protection

Data-center-level protection keeps your resources safe in case of an attack.


IP-based firewall

Keep your server safe and performing optimally no matter who or what strikes.

WordPress Web Hosting Plans

New functionality brings maximum power to everyone.


$ 30 /mo
1 WordPress install
10,000 Visits
5GB Disk space
Free SSL & CDN


$ 40 /mo
1 WordPress install
10,000 Visits
5GB Disk space
Free SSL & CDN


$ 50 /mo
1 WordPress install
10,000 Visits
5GB Disk space
Free SSL & CDN


$ 60 /mo
1 WordPress install
10,000 Visits
5GB Disk space
Free SSL & CDN

Why GICT Africa Cloud Dedicated?

Pack the ultimate punch.

Server power + pro help

Having a dedicated server to call your own is already pretty neat. But combine that with HostGator's pro team and almost 20 years of experience? Then you've REALLY got a winning combo.

Yup. We know our web pros want it all. So go on and swim in maximum customization, configuration, installation, and flexibility while our best-of-the-best tech team supports you from the side. If we haven't reached Dedicated perfection yet, we're pretty dang close.

Advanced tech

All dedicated servers are hosted in a US-based, Tier 3 data center.


Linux or Windows

We knew this’d be a game-changer. Take your pick and go to town.


Full or semi-managed

We’re up to the task of fully managing your server. Or you can take it on.


Full control

As promised, you’ll call all the shots on your server configuration.


Network guarantee

We make sure your site is always up and running so your business can be too.


24/7/365 support

We work when you work. Whenever that happens to be.

To manage or semi-manage? That is the question.

Well, it's not REALLY a question. Most of our customers go the managed route, which means we’ll help with virtually any technical or configuration requests you may have, excluding custom software/script installations. You can also choose between Linux or Windows operating systems.

But hey, if you’re more of a DIY-er or need more OS flexibility, we’ve got a semi-managed option for you too. In that case, we’ll handle any hardware, operating system, or basic configuration issues, then leave the rest up to you.

Got questions?

Well, we've got answers.

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Performance, Security & 24/7 Support?

Everything, And a Lot More!

This top WordPress web hosting platform has all the necessary features you need to focus on your business instead of hosting needs.


Unlimited WordPress Websites

We charge only for the server resources you consume so that you can enjoy hosting unlimited websites on a single WordPress server.


Resource Protection

Our technology identifies websites using excessive resources and temporarily re-assigns.



Start with what you need and move to more powerful options as your website grows.


SSL Certificates

Powered by Let's Encrypt, each SSL Certificate provided helps secure the connection between websites.


Marketing Credits

Receive $100 for Microsoft Advertising and $100 for Google Ads when you spend your first $25


SSD Hosting

SSD disks offer maximum speed and reliability than traditional disks while accommodating modern websites’ demands.

Cloudflare Enterprise

Reduce latency and improve response times with the Cloudflare enterprise when serving a WordPress website worldwide.


Database Security

Our built-in database security system prevents unauthorized access to your data and protects it from vulnerabilities.

Automated WordPress Migrations for WP

Join our Agency Partnership Program to get better-enhanced support, hosting credits, and lots of co-marketing opportunities designed to help your agency grow.