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Microsoft’s Copilot+ PCs, New Surface Laptops and More Pre-Build 2024 Announcements
Before Microsoft’s Build 2024 developer conference kicked off today, the company made a number of initial announcements during a special hour-long keynote event on May 20th hosted at its Redmond...
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AI Shaping The Future Of Financial Services: Use Cases & Applications
As Dan Schulman, the CEO of PayPal once said, “We’re not trying to reinvent the wheel; we’re trying to perfect it.” Achieving perfection is no easy process. It is not...
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A Leader’s Blueprint for AI Success
“Leaders, embrace AI! Make it your superpower!” – Robert Barber, Leadership Development Trainer and Executive Coach. How Are Businesses Using AI? The verdict is crystal clear—leaders today must embrace AI to...
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Enterprise Application Modernization: A Top Priority For Businesses in 2024
Enterprise Application Modernization is a critical need in a rapidly evolving digital world.  Application Modernization helps drive smart decisions and efficient processes. It also offers businesses a competitive edge. Organizations...
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Stepping The AI Revolution with Applied AI
“I am telling you, the world’s first ‘trillionaires’ are going to come from somebody who masters AI and all its derivatives and applies it in ways we never thought of.”...
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Why Are Leading Businesses Prioritizing Application Modernization
“In Today’s era of volatility, there is no other way but to re-invent. The only sustainable advantage you can have over others is agility, that’s it. Because nothing else is...
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The Manifold Benefits of Custom Fleet Management Software in Supply Chain
Cost, Compliance, Efficiency, and Manpower – These are the pillars on which a fleet management business stands. A compromise on any of these can mean the whole business topples with...
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AI Trends Set to Transform Businesses in 2024
In the dynamic realm of modern business, the profound impact of artificial intelligence (AI) continues to unfold, reshaping industries and redefining conventional practices. As we step into 2024, the transformative...
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